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Basic short-cut commands which could save a lot of your time

Are you travelling for a business trip or going for a vacation with your family and carrying a laptop but forgot to carry mouse? Or working in the office and laptop mouse stopped working? What will you do in this condition? Using laptop mouse-pad is very irritating and time consuming especially in case when you have always used external mouse. Isn’t it good if you know some basic short-cuts which could help you expedite work? Below I’ve listed out few short-cut commands which can save a lot f your time.
1              CTRL+C:                                Copy file/content (selected)
2              CTRL+X:                                Cut file/content (selected)
3              CTRL+V :                               Pasted copied file/content
4              CTRL+Z:                                Undo previous command
5              CTRL+P:                                Pop up print dialog box
6              CTRL + A:                              Select All
7              CTRL+B:                                Make selected text bold
8              CTRL+I:                                 Make selected text italic
9              CTRL+S:                                 Save file
10           DELETE:                                  Delete
11.          SHIFT+DELETE:                       Delete item permanently without placed in Recycle bin
12           CTRL while Dragging:           Copy selected item
13           F2:                                          Rename the selected Item
14           ALT + Enter:                            View properties of selected item
15           ALT+F4:                                  Close the active item, or quit the active program
16           ALT+SPACEBAR:                     Open the shortcut menu for the active window
17           ALT+TAB:                                Switch between the open items Switch between the open items
18           ESC:                                        Cancel the current task

Internet Explorer

1              CTRL+B:                                Open Organize Favorites dialog box
2              CTRL+E:                                Open Search bar
3              CTRL+F:                                 Pop up  Find/replace utility
4              CTRL+H:                                Open History bar
5              CTRL+I:                                  Open Favorites bar
6              CTRL+L:                                 Pop up Open dialog box
7              CTRL+N:                                Start another instance of the browser with the same Web address
8              CTRL+O:                                 Pop up the Open dialog box
9              CTRL+P:                                 Open the Print dialog box
10           CTRL+R:                                  Update the current Web page
11           CTRL+W:                                 Close the current window

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