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7 Google tools helpful for building marketing strategies of a website & earn from it

Whenever we launch any website, making it popular across the globe is an important task. Until and unless it doesn’t have visitors/subscribers, it can’t grow further. Therefore having visitors to a website is the most important factor. Bringing more and more visitors to any website requires planning and if anyone follows all the steps correctly what have planned, the website will be a great success. Being the most popular search engine, it is important to get website appeared at good position on Google for the most relevant keyword. So the whole matter is to optimise it for Google.

Since we fight to get position in Google; using its own tools to collect data will be a smart move. Below I’m listing out 7 tools which are helpful for planning marketing strategies of any website.

I'll take them one by one.

Keyword Tool

This tool helps us find keywords keeping our business in mind. Enter website URL and keywords which you think people may type in Google search bar if they are searching for the services which you provide. Tick the check box from left hand side menu which says”Exact Match”. It will give exact no. of searches for that term along with other important details like competition, CPC cost, Search counts locally as well as internationally. Check keyword competition for the most relevant keyword by going to and entering query Intitle:”keyword”. If you get few hundred results, this is the ideal keyword to target.

Google Trends

Google Trends is important to know how the trend is of that particular keyword in last few years. Go to and enter the keyword for which you want to know the trend. If graph goes down, it’s not ideal to target that keyword. You should always target keywords which are being searched consistently over the years. See detailed article here

Google Toolbar

Go and download Google toolbar for your browser. It helps in retrieving valuable data about a particular website like Google page rank, back links no. of pages indexed etc.

Webmaster Tool:

This is the most important and all-in-one tool which will keep eye on each and every activity of a website. Go to and sign in to your account. Add your website and allow it to retrieve data for few days. After few days data will start appearing and you will be able to analyse how your site is going. You can see when your website was crawled and if there is any error at any page. It is also helpful to know if a website is infected by virus. Google webmaster tool is a wide topic and I’ll be posting separate article on it.

Google Analytics

Go to the URL and sign in to your account. Here you can see where your website stands in search engines for a particular keyword. Google analytics can help you find other keywords which could be targeted in future. You can track that in which country your website is being browsed the most, how much visits you get through search engines and how much direct.

Google Adwords

Go to the URL and sign in to your account. Google adword is helpful when you want to bring targeted visitors to your website in short period of time. Search Engine optimisation is a long process which takes from 6 months to years for a website to appear in top 10 positions depends upon the competition. Google adword is a service where you website’s advertisement will be displayed as sponsored links on right hand side in search results. The advertisement could be a text, banner, and rich-media ads. This service is not free as all of us know so for each click people have to pay a set amount of money. This set amount of money varies depend upon the competition for a particular keyword.

Google Adsense

Finally, as we all know, it is the most loveable tool by which we can earn from few dollars to thousands in a month. It is hard to get adsense account approved but once you get it approved, it can bring you good money per month. Before applying for adsense account, make sure your website compliance with all the requirements and it is at least 6 months old to increase the chance of account to be approved.


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