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How to remove blogspot blog navbar

Having a NAV BAR in the header section of your blogspot blog makes it look unprofessional and it will be better if we can manage to get it removed anyhow but since most of the people don’t have technical knowledge, they think it’s hard to get rid of it, which is not in real! Your blog with no Navbar look better, professional and doesn’t look like free blog.

Having a navbar on your blog gives feel to your visitors that you are using FREE blog and the information you have published on your blog is of no use and it results in having not much visitors to your blog. It also occupies much of space from the header section which could be used for graphic to make blog attractive. Yes it helps a little when people click “next blog” and your blog does appear but this happens very rarely. So for those who want to remove it, a simple step wise method is give below. Follow these steps, you can easily remove navbar. You would not need to have knowledge of programming at all.

Step: 1 Go to and enter your username and password which after clicking “Enter” takes to the dashboard.

Step: 2 Click on “Design” and then “Edit HTML”

Step:3 Our next step is to backup our current template so that in case if anything goes wrong (which will not happen but safe to have backup plan), we can get our old template restored. Click “Download Full Template” and save the template in your computer. It’s XML template.

Step: 4 Tick the checkbox which says “expend widget templates”. Press CTRL + F and find ]]></b:skin>

Step: 5 Paste the below code just above ]]></b:skin>

#navbar {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

Click “Preview”, if everything is okay, save this template and you are done. In future if you want navbar back to your blog just remove this code. It is Simple!


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